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Swingers in Oregon


Miley Cyrus Licks Giant Inflatable Penis Onstage at G.A.Y. Club

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Miley Cyrus is at it again on her European “Bangers” Tour.

Don’t feel defeated fellas—or deflated! That giant phallic object she is holding (and licking, straddling, etc.) is an inflatable penis!

Yes, on Friday night, the Queen of Twerk shocked London’s G.A.Y. club audience when she performed onstage with an enormous blow-up penis.


In one borderline-NSFW image, the 21-year-old Bangerz beauty straddles her raunchy prop in a provocative manner. She Instagrammed another pic with her mouth wide open, preparing to lick the oversized object. “Thank you GAY,” she wrote, adding a special shout-out to club owner Jeremy Joseph and his  adorable dog Jacob.

Fans love it and Miley delivers

YouTube Video from a fan in the crowd.

Nicki Minaj nipple slip on ABC Good Morning America

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Nicki had some trouble keeping her Minaj in check today.

The high-powered rapper made the mistake of performing in a low-powered bra on Good Morning America, which, despiting airing on a five-second delay, failed to bleep her boob in time to keep if off the air.

We’re betting this wasn’t what she had in mind when she wrote Pink Friday.

“Although we had a five-second delay in place for the Nicki Minaj concert on GMA, the live East Coast feed of the concert regrettably included certain fleeting images of the performer that were taken out of later feeds of the broadcast in other time zones. We are sorry that this occurred,” a rep for the morning show tells E! News.

While it’s doubtful to turn into the next Boobgate, the incident has sparked the ire of the conservative media watchdog, the Parents Television Council.

“For the umpteenth time in recent memory we have a morning news broadcast airing explicit content when millions of families are starting their day and are looking to get caught up on the news. With so many such instances, the network apologies are beyond hollow,” PTC President Tim Winter tells E! “Today we call upon the executive producers of the Today Show, Good Morning America and the CBS Morning News programs to meet together and establish best practices to prevent these sucker-punch moments. If the networks are sincere about their apologies, they will work together to implement meaningful solutions.”

Then again, Minaj’s malfunction probably wasn’t the most inappropriate content on this morning—perhaps the PTC folks missed that Roseanne for president segement on Today. Now that’s truley scary

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UFC 133 Dennis Hallman Penis Slip

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UFC 133 Dennis Hallman Penis Slip against Brian Ebersole. Never bring a speedo to a fight!



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Ryan Dunn of ‘Jackass’ Dies in Crash. Cops Find Porsche in Flames

June 20th, 2011 • Jackass, Ryan Dunn5 Comments »

Ryan Dunn of “Jackass” died in a car accident this morning.

The crash took place in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia.

Police were notified of an accident at 2:38 a.m. They responded and found Dunn’s 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 “fully engulfed in flames” in the woods near the road.

An unidentified passenger was also killed.

A photo of the wreckage was leaked (BELOW), showing Dunn’s mangled and charred car.

We hear Dunn was burned so badly, he could only be identified by some tattoos he had on his chest.

Just about two and a half hours before Dunn died, he posted a photo on Twitter (BELOW) showing him drinking with buddies.

As of now, police believe speed was a factor in the crash.

Ryan Dunn of ‘Jackass’ Dies in Crash; Cops Find Porsche in Flames

Ryan Dunn of ‘Jackass’ Dies in Crash; Cops Find Porsche in Flames

Charlie Sheen’s Live and ON DRUGS!

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For those that didnt know, YES CHARLIE SHEEN IS BACK ON DRUGS! Check out how crazy he is on his Live Stream.


David Arquette: Tiger’s Blood Runs Through My Veins

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David Arquette just tweeted from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, telling everyone to fear not — “Luckily I have tiger’s blood running through my veins.”


David says, “I got into a car accident but I’m fine.”  As we reported, David was taken to the hospital with what law enforcement calls minor to moderate injuries.

And, David cautions, “remember to wear your seatbelt – wish I was.”


Charlie Sheen’s Bender — The 911 Call

February 24th, 2011 • Charlie Sheen1 Comment »

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital Thursday morning after a 36-hour bender.

In the call, Dr. Paul Nassif tells the dispatcher he just had a “kind of weird” conversation with Charlie — and that the actor was “very, very intoxicated” and in a “lot of pain” … but did NOT want anyone to call 911